I would imagine that it wouldn’t be a huge leap for you to hear that in this community we talk about RHYTHM…. ALOT.  
So, what the heck do we mean by Rhythm?  

Well… in any given year, season, month, week, day + moment there is energy all AROUND you +++ WITHIN you.
We live in a Vibrational Reality and all things have a resonance and energy that they contain and emit.
So, what happens with all of this energy as we move through life and the world?

Well, it co-mingles… we are constantly being shaped and influenced by energy. It shapes our sensations, thoughts, triggers…
it shapes the signals and experiences that show up for us in business…
like, I mean allll of it… everything is connected to the energy that is around and within you.

Just like the Moon shapes the tide, we are also guided along.

So, Imagine a Month to Month guide to discover + navigate the energetic rhythms moving around
{ and within you } for the coming year?!

A fusion of Classical Numerology, Tarot, Archetype + Astrology…

NOW. Let’s be SUPER CLEAR! If you have been hearing about Rhythm Mapping… that it is a #gamechanger #secretweaponforconsciouslivingandbiz – the list goes on! You are right.  It is.  However, this is a UNIVERSAL RHYTHM MAP.  So, it highlights some of the core patterns we are going through together.  If you are looking to get deep into your own Energetics, Patterns, Seasons, etc etc to master your Inner + Outer World… then >> click here

The people that LOVE THE RHYTHM MAP wish to experience their life + world
and in a more RHYTHMIC, EMPOWERED + ATTUNED way.

They want to ‘come into their own’ on a level that defies IMAGINATION.
The want to move + create WITH life rather than because of life.
They want to wake up to the language of INFINITE ENERGY within.

Inner Mastery = Radical World Change



These days, when you engage with Rhythmic Living we invite you to one of our Inner Circle | My Pocket Guru calls…
if you have questions about translating energetics into real life this will be the place you want to drop into.  
When you download this guide you will also be prompted to book a seat in our next MY POCKET GURU Call.