I am not the rock that never gets to evolve.
I am not the stone that drags you down.
I am not the tower from which you fall.

I may be the place into which you lean.
I may be the pull that draws you back to earth.
I may be the revelation and catalyst that shakes you awake.

I will be steady, still and hold space with love.
I will be the voice that offers you a clear view.
I will be someone that stands by in sun . storm + stars.

I give freely love . voice and truth when it is returned in kind.
I represent space . time and light when you wish to find it.
I hold tightly to owning my own path and create my own fate.

I wish great travels for you. I trust that ‘all the things’ that don’t serve you will move out of the way… as you have for me.

– the unbound heart.

xo sara

“ She acts not only as a guide to the soul but as a catalyst for the manifestation of creative and artistic work. Her voice may be hushed and she may speak in riddles,
but if you listen, she can point you to new, wiser beginnings”

She is the Yin to the Shaman’s Yang.  Intuition and a connection to the Earth. She can see far and clearly along the may paths.  She externalizes power and acts as a catalyst for energies.  Her natural power is grounded and focused on intuition and imagination, this is equal and opposite to the Shaman’s natural power of will and intent.  She is mediator, artist, wisdom and dream walker.  She reminds us of the power of the inner self, that all paths are forked, to trust in the power of the Earth and your own intuition.

– WildWood Tarot | The Seer

Wow, where do I even begin! If you don’t already have Sara on your team, by your side or in your corner then you need to!  Sara has travelled alongside me throughout many of life’s big moments, each time in a slightly different modality, though the root of her support is always the same – to help you reconnect to, revisit, and realize your highest self/potential, to remind you of your true essence and inherent gifts and abilities (when you may have forgotten them yourself), and to ground you in your inner most truths to allow the best version of you to flow freely and shine bright.

Sara brings with her a vast understanding and knowledge of several life transformative modalities and support, all of which she leans into to help deepen and enrich each person’s experience to ensure they are guided with the perfect tools and support they need at that time. Her ability to truly see you and to hold space for all that is longing to unfold is an incredibly special gift, and one that is beautiful to witness and experience. Sara’s natural intuitive path allows her to guide with love, compassion, kindness, honesty, integrity and an open heart.

She is a powerful source of connection, wisdom and reflection.

I am beyond grateful to have met her during one of my first big changes in life and I don’t even have enough words to describe the positive and enlightening life altering impact her presence has had on me. I know I will continue to value and appreciate her guidance and support as my journey widens and is sculpted by the ever flowing seasons of life.

In whatever capacity Sara has crossed your path, please honour yourself by investing in getting to know her!!  You will be so grateful to have her powerhouse of support guiding you along your journey!!!

– Rachel Sylvester – 

I had reached a point in my growth where I was leveling up, and knew I needed a mentor who could guide me.  Sara was the perfect person at just the right time: she is a highly ethical intuitive with a deep mastery of many areas. Sara has an almost childlike curiosity for life and learning that is contagious. Sara meets you where you are, and she challenges you to rise along with her. I’ve watched her adapt for various learning styles (& levels of knowledge); she is equally skilled & willing to guide, mentor &/or teach – whatever results in the greatest level of comprehension.

But, perhaps the best recommendation for Sara is her belief that “we rise as one.”

She generously and openly shares her thoughts, her conceptual models, her knowledge and her time; she wants you to know what she knows. Her approach is different and it feels different. It is one of the best things about working with Sara.

– MaryAnn Plummer – 

Sara is incredible at guiding but also facilitating rich conversations with women. She provides the venue for deep reflection, as well as offers tools to help you move through and past the complexities of life, to uncover where you need to focus your attention in order to shift into your best self. Every session had me looking at life with a new and more clarified lense. I just keep going back for more

– Susan Elliott –

I felt like I was on the brink of a mental breakdown. I was so lost as a mother, a wife, and most importantly completely lost on myself. I was so unsettled and completely caught up in all my ‘noise’. Sara gently guided me back to life. She taught me how and gave me tools to use to quiet my noise and keep myself grounded. She brought me to a place of peace and quiet and contentment. Yet has me always wanting to grow and become more and learn more about myself and the universe.  

She is unbelievably amazing, and as I like to say, magical!

– Dani Froese –

8 Embodiments.  This series was a true exploration into self. Exploration leading to inquiry, listening and opening. The series and Sara provided an opportunity to gently attune to one’s deepest values and rooted perspective. A weekly look into self with a different lens.  This series was exactly what I needed to grow and shift in a phase of stagnation. It was through Sara and the group conversations, with subtle yet intentional guiding that I was able to settle into myself emotionally, mentally, physically which opened my spirit into deeper love.  I recommend this series to anyone who is wanting and willing to open themselves to deeper knowing and understanding of their greater connection to others, themselves and the earth.

– Aimee Stothers –

Oh my goodness… where do I begin?! Sara is such a beautiful soul.

She has a way about her that makes you feel so safe and so at ease. I am always surprised by how easily my thoughts and emotions flow when we are talking.  In our journey so far, Sara has helped me have a deeper understanding of myself, and of the world around me. I have become so much more aware and observant of my surroundings, I can’t believe I didn’t notice so many things before! It is a beautiful feeling to be able to see the world so clearly!

Sara has given me tools to help me shift my perspective and look at situations in a more loving way.

I truly feel like a new person. I am happier, more alive
and more open since beginning my adventure with Sara.

– Alexandria Van Grunbaum –

In the time I’ve known Sara, I feel like my soul and spirit have expanded. She has a knowing about her that is deep and wise, and you get the sense that she is right there with you on the journey because she’s constantly expanding her consciousness. She intuitively guides her clients into an awareness and acceptance through her profound questions and signature space-holding techniques. Her desire to help women heal is beautiful, and she does so by pulling out the core struggle that they’re facing. In my private sessions with Sara I’ve felt completely supported as she guides me through massive blocks and helps me to witness those fears and begin to explore new possibilities.

Sara is a visionary, a creator, and a healer who is an absolutely amazing coach who will help you create massive transformation if you decide to leap with her.

– Heather Ruth –

Sara has a unique ability to help you explore your intutive desires, in life and business, helping you focus on your path more clearly and confidently. The invaluable investment you make by bringing this beautiful, powerful, women into your life is one you can’t afford to pass up. She guides you out of your comfort zone, helps you expand the bounderies of your mind, and helps you unleash your inner brand.

Her knowledge, expertise, and kindness have helped me and my business grow in unexpected ways, and I am so thankful for the time we spent together. You wont find another one like her, and I promise she has a few tricks up her sleeve that are sure to impress! Thanks again, Sara!

– Beckie Turner –

In the short time my fiancé and I have spent with Sara, she has been a huge support in our world of transformation. We knew we needed change in our world and she was able to guide and mentor us along our chosen path. I will always remember the day when she asked us “How committed are you to Chaos?” Not knowing those words would change our lives forever!

We are now moving towards peace and harmony and my partner is also very open to Sara’s way of being. Thank you Sara, you will always share a piece of our families heart!!

– Crystal Jensen –

Sara is so beautifully gifted in the art of truly seeing someone.

As she gives you space for the story of your business to unfold, she perfectly helps you pull to the forefront the passion, drive, and desire that fuels you. And in what seems like magic, she delivers the most incredible visual story to connect your best clients to you. The soulful tools she uses helps you better understand how you work both in and out of your business are unique and highly effective. Her investment into your brand visibility is unparalleled.

She genuinely cares and lovingly guides. I will, and already have, recommended her ingenious services to many colleagues and they have delivered messages of gratitude and praise back to me after working with Sara. Her craft, skill, and soulful ways are a god-send.
Jump right in with Sara, you will be beyond thrilled!

– Aryn Savard –

Sara is amazing at holding space for people, whether that is one person or a group. She has the uncanny ability to intuit exactly what is right for you, what you need to hear, and which path feels right for you.  When she uses her gifts and talents for you, she is able to provide energetic healing for the body and soul. It’s so natural, you might think she’s known you for years!

She has an obvious connection to Spirit.  She is a genuine and lovely human being, and I adore working with her! I recommend Sara 💯%!

– Steven B. O’Sullivan –

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