Fear or Love.

Ultimately, these are the only two lens through which we see our world around us… with variations and depths from our stories creating more refined perspectives within these foundational containers.

It is amazing and so powerful to be in a given moment and feel the lens of Fear shift away to reveal to Love… the freedom, weightlessness and heartfelt expression that comes in that moment is unbeatable!

When we see through the lens of Fear, ILLUSION is all around us…we feel out of sync with life and sense that it is happening TO us as punishment or trapping.  We create a habit of DEFENSE through limiting beliefs & behaviours, drama and a noisy mind.

We are often acting to protect a VULNERABILITY for which we have created conditions,
rules and expectations of how things should look to either support our sense of lack.

Our TRUTH is what lies within and is a living thing.

In fear, we are focused on our external environment for clues on how to survive and lose sight of the fact that our truth is within us and requires no defense.
When we see through the lens of LOVE, we feel in ALIGNMENT with our world…

We manifest all that we desire and can possibly imagine for ourselves… feels like magic!

We use our MIND as a tool for activating our heartfelt intentions and are able to assert ourselves with purpose and freedom.  We trust and use our BREATH to regulate ourselves in each moment and create a buffer space where experiential meaning is found… as we take in life our breath and mindfulness affords us the time and space to filter and understand our experiences… which all translates purely to our SPIRIT; a dynamic relationship & movement between our external and internal expression.

So, imagine if you were to walk through life with the tools in hand and heart to take in the world through LOVE or be able to transcend any FEAR that you may come across… have the safety and trust to get to know it, release it, reshape it and send it on its way… each moment would be an courageous adventure of the spirit!

xo sara


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