The Tree Story

Imagine a tree.  Maybe not the young fir or sapling in your garden… but a massive, long living, many ringed tree… have you seen a tree like this before?  I remember, so clearly, camping in Tofino BC throughout the years and going hiking in the old growth forests that exist there…I recall how awe inspiring the trees are!  I mean, these are trees that have travelled many, many years in our world… having stood the test of time… so amazing.

My favorite part about seeing these trees was in gazing upon those that had fallen and seeing their vast array of rings… their years of life, their adventures… years of abundance, drought, lightning strikes, invasion by another of its kind… and the wonderment of the grit that it took this tree to travel from seed to mighty tower.  It is impossible to take in such a sight in and not be in awe of the wisdom, strength and endurance that these trees contain… an undeniable, meaningful, well travelled, story rich life…

Now.  Imagine a seed.  A tree in it’s beginning. 

Not having broken ground yet.  Maybe it needs to rise through soil, roots, rock to get to the light… and it will.  The seed is already the tree. It is always the tree. It will simply grow and endure and work its way bit by bit, through the years of abundance, drought, lightning strike, invasion by another of its kind… to find its way… it has total belief in itself as the tree.

I see us all in the same way that I see this tree. 

We begin as bright new sparks… complete with trust, belief, courage and curiosity… imagining ourselves in the purest sense and moving through our world without thought of what is to come.  In contrast, however, as we travel through our own seasons and all that they bring we can begin to lose sight of the fact that we have never stopped being our truest self ( our seed ) even though it remains there and is always at the heart of who we are.  We gather our own rings of life… in the form of experiences, perceptions, personal beliefs & limitations, boundaries and more.We can begin to measure our value and wellness on the basis of these experiences… we can find it hard to unravel our ‘rings’ and get back to the purity of belief in our goodness, strength, endurance and wisdom.

For sure, we are shaped by them… that cannot be denied.  Though, we can lose sight of the brilliance in which we began… and still are as we stand here.  Often we are seeking personal expansion or wellness we try to cut through our layers and put them away or cover them… without taking the time to explore our own stories… to get to know them, heal from them, reshape them… to a place where we draw on them in their entirety for wisdom, strength and endurance; awe inspiring rich in life + brilliantly ourselves!

xo sara


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